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  • we can alter any piece up to 4" for you, for a 20$ fee. it is possible for us to alter more than 4", but it may change the appearance of the garment slightly. please send an inquiry if you are interested in having one of our garments altered to better fit you.
    see the contact page...
  • send us a garment of yours that fits for embellishment. we will re-vamp your coat, hoodie, dress, sweater, or vest to your liking for 75$ or under! ( this is based on 2-3 hours of work) much of our time/work/cost is spent making things fit right. when working with something of yours that already fits, this cuts down on our time & cost.. and gives new life to something you already love! please send an inquiry if you are interested in our clothing make-overs.
    see the contact page...
  • we love custom clothing orders, but they can get complicated. because of our high demand/busy fingers, we take inquiries case by case. we have a $80 minimum for custom work; with the exception of wedding dresses, which have a $500 minimum. if you are interested in a consultation for custom work, please write us with a description of what you are looking for, your measurements, and your price range.
    see the contact page...

the Arabella skirt
[ sold ]

32" waistband
39" lower hip
15 1/2" long in front
18-22 1/2" long in back

this skirt started last summer,
as i gathered all the ruffles floating round
the studio & began to sew them down..
it contains a myriad of vintage &
antique remnants, cotton, lace, eyelet,
dress lining, tulle.. there are
ribbons stitched in amongst the tatters
& it closes with a trusty vintage
zipper on the right hip.
i tea-stained it for the final touch.
it's named for Jonathan Strange's wife :)

there are larger photos in the diary

the Petra skirt
[ sold ]

31" waist
20-22" long

an elegant mix of past & present,
this skirt has pieces from the 1800's, 1930's
and the last couple decades.
many shades of black patched together
with interesting angles, tattered ruffles
& careful stitching. there are 2 little pockets,
9 little buttons, and a zipper on the left.

there are larger photos in the diary


the Caliste skirt - on sale!
[ sold ]

33" waist
38" hip
16" long in front
21" long in back

a sea skirt from the gibbous vault,
finished after years of waiting..
made from hand-dyed antique silk,
lace, tulle, & reclaimed vintage slips.
stitched with endless tatters &
tiers of ruffles; adorned with
tiny pearl beads, ribbons & flowers.
the perfect skirt for a mermaiden.

there are larger pictures in the diary *
**on sale til January 23rd**

the Gryphon skirt
[ sold ]

this skirt has a bit of stretch to it.
31-33" waist
37-39" hip
17-23" long

i started this a couple years back, as part of a gryphon costume
for my friends' annual Cheshire Rock Opera..
recently got to finishing it..
made entirely from reclaimed
vintage materials.. sweaters,
coat linings, silk stripes,
precious lace, and many mysteries. there are hidden pockets in the folds,
and a zipper closes it
on the right. tis a warm &
cozy accomplice, too..
perfect for looking lovely in the cold.

photos: selene


the Rosen skirt
[ sold ]

31" waist
37" hip
21-25" long

a tattered patchwork map of history, this skirt is made from antique & vintage remnants.. collar shirts, slips, scarves, and petticoats of days long past. precious antique lace is quilted at the waist, and there is a little pocket for treasures. a vintage zipper closes it on the left.

the thimble skirt
[ sold ]

30-37" waist (elastic)
free hip
about 19" long

quite a puzzle skirt, made from
a vast array of vintage &
antique scraps and remnants.
silk, cotton, nylon, sweaters, lace,
spots, stripes, velvet, wool,
flowers, slips, + ribbons..
they're all sewn in;
amongst ruffles and tatters.
it has an elastic waist & is lined with silk.
the ruffles start high in the back
& give the effect of a bustle.
the perfect piece for midnight tea parties.

photos: selene


the wickham skirt
[ sold ]

33" waist
40" hip
22" long

a cotton stretch skirt, stitched with
5 kinds of vintage lace,
ruffles & ribbon.
it zips shut on the left, and
a pocket is perched on the back.
tiers of ruffles & two
vintage buttons adorn it, also.
a lovely raven for daily wear.

photos: selene


the dolores corset
[ sold ]

35-37" at hipbone
38-42" lower hip
8- 8 1/2" long

a hand-dyed antique corset,
stitched with sea colored
lace and cotton..
there is a lovely floral print
on the corset, and it has amazing striped garters!
it fastens with hook & eyes on the left.

photos: selene


the mae corset
[ sold ]

33-34" hip at bone
37-38" lower hip
8 1/2"- 9 1/2" long
garters are adjustable

a hand-dyed antique corset,
stitched with tattered mossy lace
in violets and olive greens.
patches of calico and brocade
are sewn in, too.
hook & eyes close it on the
left, and 4 garters keep your
pretty stockings up...*

photos: selene


the beatrice skirt
[ sold ]

32" waist
39" hip
about 20" long

a lovely raven patchwork of old and new..
black velvet & lace..
eyelet, cotton & silk..
some of the fabrics date
back to the 1800's.
it closes on the left with
a trusty vintage zipper,
and has a little pocket
on the right hip.
there are precious beads stitched in,
and a pretty bow adorning the back.
tiers of tattered ruffles
finish it, belling out like
a beautiful midnight flower.

photos: selene


the emily skirt
[ sold ]

33" waist
38" hip
15-16" long

all gibbous garments can be altered to fit you. please inquire if needed: there are larger pictures (here)

a sweet skirt from the vault..
made out of salvaged materials;
hand-dyed to a lovely grey-violet,
with tints of green..
stitched with antique lace and crochet..
16 old white buttons close
it on the left. there are also
6 little pockets to keep things sorted.

photos: selene


the mirabelle skirt
[ sold ]

32" waist
up to 42" hip
19-20" long

a piece from the vault!
handmade with antique + vintage materials..
lace, stripes, eyelet, and tiers of ruffles.
2 pockets for treasures, and
a trusty vintage zipper on the left.
little old buttons and hand-stitches adorn..
a perfect spring pick-me-up.

photos: selene

(*... . on sale til 5/15.. .*)

the Rose skirt
[ sold ]

32" waist
40" hip
20-25" long

such a lovely skirt for the rose queen..
a patchwork of petals, from salvaged materials..
hand-dyed and stitched, with tiers of ruffles +
sculpted fabric flowers. the skirt has a zipper on the right,
and two pockets hiding in the back..
the ruffles make for a lovely flower-bell hem,
and there are tatter ribbon flowers
hanging at the sides.

photos: selene


the cinder skirt
[ sold ]

23-28" waist (elastic)
free hip
18-20" long

a midnight flower skirt,
stitched with tiers of burnt ruffles..
it has an elastic waist,
with a lovely bell shape..
it would be quite dashing over a crinoline.
there's a little pocket for treasures,
and a handful of pretty
black buttons adorning.. *

photos: selene
*.. .on sale til july 16th ...*

adeline skirt
[ sold ]

33" waist
42" hip
15-20" long

a lovely spring concoction
of antique + vintage eyelet,
lace, slips and tulle..
patched, quilted, stitched
with flowers + buttons.
there is a little pocket in front,
and a glove pocket in back.
the skirt zips shut on the left.
a lovely silhouette,
to turn you into a Flower.

photos: selene
(*... . on sale til 5/15.. .*)

the claudia skirt
[ sold ]

32" waist
36" hip
19-21" long in front
24" long in back

made from a little mountain of scraps,
this piece is like a gothic crazy quilt,
that you can wear.. .;)
antique + vintage,, velvet, cotton, silk, lace.
bits of sweaters, mourning skirts
spiderweb lace + old dress linings.
there are tatters and ruffles all over,
adorned with antique buttons,
treasures, beads.
there are 3 pockets, and a
zipper at the right hip.
a lovely piece..
full of history + magic.

photos: selene

the cerulean skirt
[ sold ]

29" waist (high)
32" waist (low)
36" hip
9 1/2" waist- low hip (vertical)
20-33" long

a lovely skirt.. for sirens + the sea..
hand-dyed to a delicate pale blue,
and stitched into a beautiful silhouette.
the skirt is high waisted,
and hugs the curves beautifully..
the waist is emblazoned with
precious sequins + beads, and the hem
is a sea of tattered ruffles.
it closes on the right
with a zipper, and there is
a cascade of lace + flowers on the left.,, *
perfect for a mermaiden
that walks on 2 legs..

photos: selene


the elsie skirt
[ sold ]

35" waist
39" hip
16 1/2" long

a sweet skirt in the colors of egg-shells.
patchworked together out
of vintage dress remnants,
eyelet, and a myriad of pale lace..
there are tiers of ruffles at the hem,
and two pockets on the right hip.
it closes with a zipper at the right.
a lovely piece, to bring
spring a little sooner..

photos: selene
(*... . on sale til 5/15.. .*)

the heliotrope skirt
[ sold ]

30-33" waist
free hip
22-26" long

a skirt in precious flower-tones,
hand dyed and stitched with tiers of ruffles.
antique, leaf-coloured lace,
brocade curtain remnants,
and a tiny lace pocket..
the skirt has an elastic waist
and a zipper in the back.
there are precious glass pearls
and seeds sewn in,
amongst the foliage.. .*

photos: selene


the tabitha skirt
[ sold ]

32" waist
40" hip
22-26" long

a lovely skirt in one of my favorite colours..
a greenish gold, always changing,in the light.
salvaged from an old dress,
the fabric is weathered and inconsistent
in the prettiest way.
it is stitched with all manner of
precious antique lace,
much of which i hand-dyed.
there is a pocket on the back and
a zipper closure on the right.
tiers of ruffles, tatters round the hem,,
pearly dew treasures sewn into the cracks.

photos: selene


the morgan skirt
[ sold ]

31" waist
38" hip
about 19" long

a lovely patchwork in black..
vintage lace, velvet, coat remnants +
dress linings are all stitched in.
the hem is all tiers of unruly ruffles,
and there are little antique beads,
buttons +treasures scatter sewn in.
there is a trusty pocket on the left,
and a zipper on the right.
a black flower raven wing skirt.. full of stitches.

photos: selene

the tansy corset
[ sold ]

12" long
photographed laced to a 35" hip,
but could fit 32" to 42" if relaced.

(this piece is on hold, please check back if yr interested.. it could still be available..*)
a pretty vintage corset, hand-dyed to a
perfect faded flower color..
patched with antique lace, silk velvet, crochet,
and pieces of an old plaid work shirt.
there is a little pocket in the back.
the garters are perfectly functional,
and the lace up makes it versatile in size.
to be worn with mustard stockings, indeed.

photos: selene


the melinda skirt
[ sold ]

32" waist
39" hip
about 18" long

an intricate patchwork of hand-dyed antique lace..
sewn in stripes, eyelet, + hand embroidery
from victorian fingertips..
the skirt closes on the left with
a trusty dyed zipper, and
has a little pocket on the right.
tiers of tattered ruffles
finish the hem.. there are pieces of
a child's christening gown, very old
apron patches + green leaf table linens..
truly a little map of history.

photos: selene


the katrine skirt
[ sold ]

33" waist
39" hip
26" long in front
33" long in back

a long, pretty witch skirt,
patchworked from an endless mountain
of velvet + scraps..
tis high waisted and
hugs the hips beautifully.
then bells out a bit near the knees..
a vampire mary poppins,
with tiers of tattered ruffles.
there are 4 pockets + a trusty
vintage zipper on the left.

photos: selene

the hallows skirt
[ sold ]

32" waist
38" hip
between 18-25" long

a midnight skirt patch-worked from many sources..
vintage velvet, coat lining, slips, dress parts + magic, secret things.
it has 2 little treasure pockets,
a trusty zipper on the left side,
and tiers upon tiers
of tattered ruffles...
a little landscape of stitches + history,
that you can wear!

photos: selene

muriel skirt
[ sold ]

33" waist
40" hip
about 26"long

a piece from the vault, newly finished..
a patchwork skirt in pretty gem colours..
lace, velvet, + a myriad of
remnants stitched together.
there are 2 pockets on the front,
and a glove pocket on the back.
the skirt closes with a vintage corset zipper
+ a millinery bow is perched below it.
a lovely accomplice for your future..

photos: selene


nightshade skirt
[ sold ]

30-32" waist
36-38" hip
18-22" long in front
24" long in back

a black flower skirt..
patchworked from a vintage corset,
slips, and fancy dress remnants..
it laces up on the right side,
and has an elastic waist.
there are tiers of ruffles,
a variety of antique lace,
and a millinery bow stitched in..
perfect for communing with
the flowers at midnight.

photos: selene


hannah skirt
[ sold ]

30" waist
38" hip
21" long

a lovely patchwork skirt
made from a vintage trench coat & lining..
patched with a variety of
black laces, some from the 1920's..
there are two pockets salvaged
from other coats, and a
trusty vintage zipper on the left.
tiers of ruffles finish the hem.
practical+ beautiful ,...
photos: selene

mischa skirt
[ sold ]

27" waist
38" hips
19-23" long in front
27-37" long in back

an intricate map of a skirt,
stitched endlessly.. lace, remnants, slips,
scarves, tatters found here & there..
among its many treasures are:
12 vintage buttons, an antique glove,
a velvet bow, 2 pockets,
cursive patches, and tiers of ruffles.
it zips shut on the right.
a dream come true for a dress up diva,,,,,

photos: selene