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fancies sale
10 16 12

all fancies in the shop are 20% off til october 22nd..*
there will be a whole new gang of them in a couple weeks, too! *s

:the 2nd dress-house dress..:
10 06 12

the second of the dress-house dresses is finished & available in the shop..
smattered with paint, cursive & stitches.. much of the torso is transparent;
it looks so pretty in the window-light.. *s

a dress for Ariel
09 29 12

i’ve been sewing a Lot of custom orders in the past 6 months.
this dress was for a beautiful faery named Ariel.. it was really fun to make, i love the colors!

a tattered patchwork of antique linen, lace, and lavender..*

09 23 12


some of you may have noticed that the diary &
about page contents have disappeared. but don’t fret ;)
the about page will be back Soon, in an updated fashion..
& the diary, well.. it just felt a bit too full.
i’ve been feeling like starting anew here for awhile.
and finally decided to make some space for it.

gibbous has existed for about 10 years now, and the site for 6!
which is quite astounding to me.. there have been many shifts &
mutations over that time, but none quite as transformative as
what’s been happening over the last 2 years.
it truly feels like a new era.

i hope to use this space regularly to share photographs,
stitching thoughts, inspiration, and finished pieces.
there is now a sister page, also.. minostalgia.com
which is also a work in progress, but will be a place for my
other creative ventures.. of paint + sight + sound.

lastly, i want to say; *. . :: . Thank You . :: . .*
to all the wonderful folks who have supported me over the years.
through your friendship, patronage, sweet notes & treasure packages..
you’ve all helped to make this a reality, and i’m very grateful.
i’ve been spending a lot of time lately looking forward
and looking backward, & am often filled with a feeling of awe.
it hasn’t been easy. but it has been Beautiful.
& the best is yet to come.