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a dress for a film
04 23 14


i just finished this dress makeover for Chloe Barcelou, art director
for a film in progress called Aimy in a Cage



it was a bit tricky for me, cause i don’t usually work with these seventies floral dresses..
it took a lot of pinning, staring & dismantling before i saw the path :)


i like the way it turned out, though.. it feels sort of like a sweet gothic church dress now~


i’ve been taking lots of pictures lately, but haven’t had much time to post here.
hopefully soon.. <3s

04 10 14


Hari-Kuyo, or the Festival of Broken Needles, began over 400 years ago..
each year on February 8th, women honor the needles that have given them loyal service throughout the year
and lay them to rest at Shinto shrines and Buddhist Temples across Japan.


The ritual also honors the secret sorrows & burdens.
As a person sews, their essence permeates the needle with their energy and aura.
The needles are believed to share these burdens, and take some of them into themselves,
so this burial is a way to thank them and put these matters to rest.
also known as Needle Mass


i’ve been saving my broken needles for a long time, never quite sure why..
always just felt a strong attachment/power/loyalty to them.
this ritual makes wonderful sense to me.. it will be lovely to celebrate it next year :)


oddity central
the examiner

a wedding dress for Michelle
04 09 14


finally finished with this one.. it’s heading to Texas soon



made with a variety of antique, hand-dyed lace, silk, cotton, velvets & eyelet.


no matter how many custom pieces i make, they still continue to simultaneously challenge, enrapture & madden me~
i learn new things every time..


now i go to work on a full length tattered white lace wedding gown, coincidentally also going to Texas..! :)


(work is love made visible)
04 09 14


a quick late night post of some recent pictures~


fabric gathering for a commission..


night shot of a wedding dress that’s almost finished




a dress i’ve been working on between the orders..


the lil muses in their natural habitat :)


04 02 14


firstly, the shop sale ends tonight at midnight.. if you’ve had yr eye on something, now is the time :)


this last week i’ve been just trying to get my bearings.. Bastian is doing much better! which is wonderful..
it’s nice to be out of the crazy fight or flight survival mode. that was hard on both of us.
now i’m working feverishly on a couple wedding dresses.. & in the free moments trying to get a few things
that have been in orbit out of my head, and onto the sewing machine.



++ have been doing quite a bit of mending for friends.. one of my favourite things~
these were originally made by brilliant gibbous co-conspirator of old, Kevin, for our dear friend Sean Lee
(aka 1manbanjo)..
i just patched them up & gave them some new life before Sean departs on an adventure across the country.
i love the metamorphosis of garments as they’re worn & mended. they feel like ancient maps


photo experiments. making veils.. raw turmeric & large amounts of tea.
moonrise kingdom! rainstorms, crochet dresses..
tea staining Everything. the lives of flowers. klimt,, frankincense. calcite & rose quartz.
sleep clutching crystals, surrounded by mountains of books + instruments..
letting things go and being quiet, patient. listening and making music.,
minimalism through a kaleidescope.. a balancing act of organization & free movement.
looking forward


shoots + muses
03 25 14


i’ve started making pictures with people again..
gathering up some longtime muses and some new ones, to make beautiful photographs with.
it’s quite inspiring & exciting.. i sometimes forget that these things i make, they belong on people :)
the new gibbous site (which is ALMost done) is going to have a different style/format for
the gallery.. so until it launches, i’ll be posting the photo projects here in the diary.

these were taken a couple weeks ago with my dear friend Chains Isabella
the dress will be available in the shop sometime soon~




03 23 14











march has been an intense month..
my poor paw got hurt badly in the beginning.. had to make multiple hospital visits &
it all culminated in a horrible allergic reaction to antibiotics, landing me in the ER.
i couldn’t sew or do much of anything for a long time :(
after recovering there was about a week of sewing & feeling better before my sweet kitty bastian got seriously sick
& had to stay in the hospital for 4 days.. we were at one vet or another almost everyday for a week.
he is home now & getting better.. i am *so* thankful.
feeling really shaken though.. still trying to find my footing.
the only thing worse than being dangerously sick yourself, is someone you love being in that situation.
thanks to everyone who has been supportive through this scare.. we really appreciate it~ <3


when bad things used to happen, i would just curse my luck & the unfairness of life. these days i try very hard to find
the lessons (even if it’s difficult) in hardships. the last month has really made me aware of just how lucky i am,
we all are, in times of health + abundance. trying to be grateful every moment of every day.. to truly appreciate the ones i love,
and all the brilliant qualities of life that are so easy to take for granted.

for the last week i’ve been sleeping in the studio, so i can keep a close eye on Bastian as he heals.
nested with the cats amongst fabric piles, my gaze travels in half states of sleep..
taking in glimmers of all the beautiful, tattered treasures inhabiting the room.
it’s been really inspiring, in a new way..
seeing them in the dream states of a restful mind..
accompanied by a chorus of purring.


lately it feels like the pace of transformation is quickening.
things are falling away like old leaves & new ones are growing up in their place.
realizing that some of the biggest changes in life build up slowly, under the surface.. then unfold gracefully.
there isn’t a loud bang! or puff of magic smoke, but just out of sight, all the time,
tiny components are rearranging themselves for movement, growth..
i can feel it, hear it.. sometimes i almost catch it out of the corner of my eye.
it’s beautiful. & reassuring :)

a dress for Josephine
03 20 14


i just finished this custom dress makeover, for Josephine in Germany..


it kind of reinforced a thought that’s been playing on repeat in my head lately.. that sometimes simple is better.


spent a lot of time just looking at this piece before stitching/adding things & i really love how it turned out.


going to try and listen to that thought, & bring it into my work more..

shop sale for Bastian
03 18 14


having a big sale in the shop to raise money for my lil prince, Bastian..
he got sick this weekend & we’ve had an intense time, with numerous emergency hospital trips.


everything in the shop is 20-30% off til April 2nd. thanks so much for your good thoughts & support.



03 11 14

Ethiopian Welo Opal

Phyllis Galembo

Encajeras Bolilleras

abandoned building in Russia, photographed by Tommy Noker

Ellen Jantzen

Dress from the Bunka Gakuen Museum, circa 1875.


Akihiro Ikeyama

Zaria Forman

fauxpals by Camille Young

René Magritte
Sixteenth of September, by Rene Magritte

some inspiring gems from the inter nets..